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About me

I’ve been psychic from a young age, or as my mentor of more than 25 years insists, I’ve had the ability of mediumship all my life.  When I was a child, I’d hear random children’s voices that other children didn’t hear (clairaudient).  I never thought anything of it until in later years it was explained to me that the images I see (clairvoyant)  and the goosepimples and chills (clair-sensory)  I get, are spirit connecting and talking with me.  This is also when I began to realise that I think, and see the world and the universe, differently from most people.  I see and process a lot of things from a ‘fly on the wall’ aspect.

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What people say about me

I have seen a psychic before in the past and decided that I wanted to do it again.  I was feeling anxious about the process and came across Suzanne’s website which immediately made me feel relaxed and at ease as I was able to do this from the comfort of my own home without it costing a fortune.  I received my email within the time specified and was pleasantly surprised by the information that I received.  I was able to relate to the information given which gave shivers down my spine as I read it.  It also gave me a positive insight to the future.  I will certainly be using this service again, highly recommended!

PennySpiritual Guidance

After being diagnosed with a serious illness, I found myself unclear of the future and increasingly anxious.  Following talking therapy with Suzanne, she helped with my anxiety and gave me Peace of mind. She is very easy to talk to and has a calming demeanour.  I found her easy to talk to, rather than friends or family and felt I could tell her exactly how I was feeling without being judged.

Suzanne advised on relaxation techniques to help me relax and give me restfulness.  I found these techniques very useful to help with anxiety.  Meeting Suzanne in a peaceful environment was always a calming experience and helped give me reassurance of the future.

MarkCounselling Guidance

Suzanne is an insightful, kind, honest, caring individual – I highly recommend her!

SaraSpiritual Guidance

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